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Words From Dan - Round Deck

This is a clear vertical grain IPE sunken deck with circular bench. The large curving top above the bench and the side tables are made of clear vertical grain western red cedar sealed with Sikkens. The rich color of this deck will be retained year after year with simple annual application of sealer.
The customers design requirements included the deck be circular and several steps below the level of the yard. The work began with excavation of soil and installation of a French drain. Then pressure treated lumber was used for the framing structure and the top layer of framing is coated with bitumus, a rubberized ice & water shield, to further protect the framing from moisture. The bench and top sits on 2x8 inch pressure treated framing with two extra layers of 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood. Each plywood layer is glued and screwed together and also coated with bitimus.
The happy customers are now enjoying gatherings with friends and family is this unique, custom built environment.
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